is closing its gates on August 31st
The press release report that finds what your tracking service doesn't is the ultimate press release tracking and reporting tool. Find those elusive non-verbatim editorial pick-ups and enjoy a simple visual report.
How it works:

Paste your Item
Just paste your item into the search box. (You can use a link or paste in the content of your release).
Click to Track
Click the "" button. Now will search Millions of sources, to find where your story has been picked up.
Get your Report
Get your report automatically, including non-verbatim pickups, performance scores, relative to a category benchmark, email alerts for new pickups and a lot more.
Watch the tutorial video.
We will never be as good as you are at PR, but we can definitely take some time-consuming tasks off your hands
Are you still wasting time looking for your PR pick ups manually ? will free you from manually searching the web for your PR pickups. We scan the web looking for articles that resulted from your PR by analyzing the content from your press release, links or headlines thanks to our advanced algorithm. We will collect all the articles, wire or original content, and present them to you in a beautiful gallery form.
Measure your success
A good press release can be measured in different ways - and we measure them all. See how many pick-ups you got and where, what was the engagement for each article, total reach and how you score relatively to your industry. Your great work now has defined metrics to go with it.
Creating a professional report takes seconds
We designed our "Export Report" feature according to a meticulous need analysis, so you can save precious time in sending your clients a great report, without compromising on quality or branding. Export your pick-up results, add your logo and it's ready for sending. is designed for PR PROs that want to focus on creating great coverage and not on generating tedious pick-up reports